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System cleaning of air conditioning

In the process of operation in the air ducts and equipment of ventilation systems accumulation of deposited dust and grease takes place, which leads to a difficulty in the set air parameters. Dirt accumulating in airways serves as an excellent nutrient medium for a number of pathogens and insects, which in time can be detached from the airway surface and transported by the flow of air into the rooms and then into the human lungs.

Cleaning and disinfection is carried out without dismantling of ventilation systems with the help of professional modern equipment.

Measures for inspection, cleaning and disinfection of the systems guarantee the customer:

  • Fire and biological safety from 6 months to 1 year (depending on the type of activity);
  • Reducing the incidence of staff;
  • Comfortable microclimate in industrial and residential areas;
  • Increase the efficiency of staff;
  • Increased service life of ventilation equipment.

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